Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall
is Now Open

A New Lifestyle Destination for Curated Dining & Contemporary Retail

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Discover Gastronomic Adventures

In Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall, good food is taken to the next level with curated selection, personalisation and customisation of curated dining experiences.

Detailed interiors flaunt the exquisite beauty of civic arts and culture, balanced by bold expressions of upscale designs.

Diners are bound to be delighted by the exceptional dining experiences as they spark a connection over an outstanding meal or build a social connection with the aspirational crowd.

Premium Fashion & Beauty

Discover a haven of the latest and trendiest beauty and cosmetic indulgences here, where shoppers can also discover the latest in premium fashion and styles.

Cosmopolis of Excitement

At Pavilion Damansara Heights Mall, we aim to inspire moments that rekindle relationships, renew perspectives and reinvigorate the zest of life.

Pavilion Privileges

We will be introducing a holistic loyalty program for shoppers with specially curated membership privileges that you can take part in. This card-less loyalty program will be accessible via a mobile app platform where shoppers get the best deals, collect rewards as they spend and smartly assist in in-mall discovery, wayfinding and navigation to your outlet.