PAUL’s Pistachio Family Desserts

01/06/2024 -


@Level 2

Indulge in our irresistible sweet treats, crafted with the finest ingredients! Experience the perfect blend of flavors in our exquisite desserts, designed to satisfy your sweet cravings instantly. From éclairs to millefeuilles and tartlets, we offer a delightful range of flavors, from tangy to nutty, made with premium quality ingredients.

  1. Pistachio Éclair: A delicate choux pastry filled with rich and creamy pastry cream, topped with pistachio chantilly that consist of white chocolate and 100% pistachio paste.
  2. Pistachio Millefeuille: Layers of flaky, buttery puff pastry alternating with velvety pistachio pastry cream, creating a heavenly bite every time.
  3. Raspberry Pistachio Tartlet: A buttery tart shell filled with a luscious pistachio cream and adorned with fresh, tangy raspberries for a perfect balance of flavors.

Treat yourself to these decadent delights and experience the ultimate in dessert luxury.

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