LADO (Malay Cuisine)

My journey began with the echoes of my grandad, a cook for the Negeri Sembilan Palace. Growing up, I immersed myself in the diversity of Malay cuisine. With my mum’s recipes, unable to be written by her own hand, I became the storyteller, scribe, and curator of our family culinary legacy from the ’70s.

In today’s fast paced world, the demand for authentic tastes that link us to our roots led to the creation of Lado Restaurant. It’s surely more than just an eatery. It’s a sanctuary where the flavours of the past seamlessly blend with the demands of the present. My vision was to offer a space where, despite the hustle of life, people would experience the true taste of Malay heritage.

Lado Restaurant isn’t just a dining spot; its an open invitation to journey through time and relish the essence of Malay culture.

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