The Food Merchant Prelude

Welcome to The Food Merchant® Prelude, where refined taste meets quiet elegance. Nestled in Pavilion Damansara Heights, this is more than a grocer – it’s a tranquil prelude to what’s coming in Phase 2 targeted to open in the later part of next year.

Discover curated eateries and wine cellars offering unhurried culinary experiences. From Michelin Guide-acclaimed dishes to artisanal bakery delights, every taste is an understated revelation.

Stroll through aisles of gourmet delis, each item chosen with care. Handpicked charcuterie and exquisite wines await your leisurely selection.

Take in the calming aroma of fresh produce and choose your treasures at your own pace.

This prelude is a quiet promise of what’s to come. In 2024 Phase 2 will unfold, offering even more, in our signature understated style.

Let The Food Merchant® Prelude be your haven, where every visit is a moment of calm, and every flavor, is a whisper of indulgence and satisfaction.

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