A Cosmopolis of Communities & Excitement

At Pavilion Damansara Heights mall, we aim to inspire moments that rekindle relationships, renew perspectives and reinvigorate the zest of life.

Pavilion Damansara Heights uplifts the passion for life, catering to sophisticated cosmopolitans with great fervour for quality lifestyle. Spanning across an exceptional 16 acres of prime freehold real estate, it is situated in one of the most affluent and exclusive neighbourhoods in the Klang Valley. The bustling cosmopolis comprises Corporate Towers, PASSION Luxury Residences and a Retail Mall, charting an impressive presence in the city skyline.

Illuminating the skyline is the radiating elegance of the ‘Pavilion Crown’, the iconic grand entrance of Pavilion Damansara Heights. With a constellation of over 1,000 twinkling Murano glass technology crystals, sparkling like diamonds in the sky, a world-class display of artful craftsmanship crowns Pavilion Group’s newest mixed-use development. This stunning showpiece is masterfully crafted with recyclable glass, a reflection of the ‘green development’ certification garnered by Pavilion Damansara Heights. A creative collaboration with multi-award winning Lightsculptures, the final masterpiece is a crowning glory of 4 years of planning and over 20,000 hours of design processes. The Pavilion Crown presents a regal entrance for shoppers, a mesmerising invitation to discover and explore a realm of fascination and inspiration.