DZI Kingdom

DZI KINGDOM® is a leading company in the provision in South East Asia, both at national and international level. The company offers a wide range of the limited edition antique Tibetan Dzi & Personal Metaphysic consultation service on the implementation of Dzi.

DZI KINGDOM® has been trading and collecting Tibetan antique Dzi for more than 20 years, started at the central region of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Today, our business reached out to Malaysia from the north to the south. We are adding new outlets in the major shopping malls and we are continuously expanding.

With the increasing interest on Dzi, many have requested us to work with the media and press by providing full comprehensive explanations, helping Dzi’s collector on purchasing the finest and authentic Dzi from the Himalayan in Malaysia, therefore we had trained Dzi specialists at our 28 outlets, also providing great number of Dzi knowledge online. Occasionally, we conduct workshops for the public about Dzi.

Everyone is welcome to our gallery to view and enjoy, not only the collector’s Dzi but also some rarest unique artefacts and artwork from the Himalayan are displayed here.

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