Siong Tong Gai

Established in 2008, Siong Tong Gai is a Malaysian-born culinary brand that serves an array of delightful local Chinese delicacies, along with their renowned specially curated “fresh steam fish in superior broth”. Although Siong Tong Gai has gained significant success over the years, it all began from humble beginnings. Siong Tong Gai was once a modest restaurant in an inconspicuous industrial area in Puchong. In many ways, it lacked glitz and glamour. However, their carefully curated superior broth which took years to refine and formulate had customers coming in droves to have a taste of their sumptuous “fresh steam fish in superior broth”. Thus, along with their variety of local Chinese dishes, live seafood and reasonably priced cuisine, Siong Tong Gai has withheld its reputation around town. Siong Tong Gai highly prioritises itself to providing the best service, ambience and to consistently serve customers delicious food across Malaysia.

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